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Novexx ALX734

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Novexx ALX 73x range of Print & Apply models are developed to meet the fastest available Print & Apply demands in the marketplace. With up to 50 meter per minute apply speed, our ALX 73x models are unbeatable.

Covering print widths up to 152 mm (6 inches), most required printing demands are covered without losing print quality at high application speed. Large label rolls in combination with 1000 meter ribbon rolls make the ALX 73x extremely efficient and support your needs for fast, reliable and perfect product identification.
Print method: Thermal transfer/Direct thermal
Resolution: 300 DPI
Max. print speed: 400.0 mm/s
Max. line speed: 50.0 m/min
Max. print width: 104.0 mm
Max. print length: 750.0 mm
Min. label width with liner: 30.0 mm
Max. label width with liner: 134.0 mm
Min. label length: 25.0 mm
Max. label length: 750.0 mm
Max. label roll diameter: 400.0 mm
Max. ribbon roll length: 1000.0 m
Ribbon winding direction: IN
Interfaces: Ethernet, RS232, USB device, USB host
Enclosed software: NiceLabel SE
Supported print languages: MLI, Easy Plug, Line Printer
Temperature: 5° - 40°C
Humidity: 45% - 75%, nesikondensuojanti
IP class: IP21
Dimmensions: 905 x 1054 x 470 mm
Weight: 65.0 kg
Additional information
• PLC in/out on M12 connectors
• Unwinder and holder for 300 mm or 400 mm label roll OD
• Dispensing edges
• Tandem function
• Applicator interface
• Various applicators
• Rotary encoder for APSF (automatic product speed follower)
• Internal/external outer Diameter control
• Rotary encoder for APSF (automatic product speed follower)
• Remote display
• Labelweb splice unit
• Capacitive label sensor.
Warranty: 12 month