Industrial devices
Conveyer marking / labeling equipment, industrial barcode scanners
Industrial devices
Industrial automation products for labeling and traceability. According to your requirements, we will offer you the most optimal solution for product labeling, marking, traceability, sorting, defect control, production efficiency monitoring, automation.

We offer you:
• Automatic self-adhesive label applicators with print function, or without, that can apply labels on various forms of products from either side;
• Complete solutions for automatic labelling on various shape products including conveyor sections;
• Thermal transfer or hot stamping printers for print onto flexible roll or leaf-type materials on pouch forming / filling lines or card board layouts;
• Inkjet printing devices for direct printouts on flat surface of the product. One printout can be up to 576 mm height and 2000 mm length full color (CMYK);
• laser marking equipment forfast, good looking longlife printing that requires alomost no maintenance;
• Industrial grade conveyor mounted barcode readers;
• Video inspection systems for automated visual inspection of products, OCR, defect identification, sorting, or thrids party device guiding;
• Automatic volume, dimensional scanning equipment;
• Various industrial sensors;
Als 209 etikeciu aplikatorius
without printing function
Alx 734 side labeling print apply etikeciu aplikatorius spausdintuvas
with printing function
Opendate eurocode
Print on flexible materials
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Sensors for industrial applications
Coral 144
Flat surfaces
E solarmark dls   dlsg
Metal, plastic, wood and many other materials
53e opendate
Print on flexible materials
Machine vision video inspekcija
Visual inspection of objects