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ALE TC Series

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This range is aimed at printing codes on the side of your product.

Compact and based on a simple efficient manufacture, it will perform reliably in all kind of applications.

Easy to install, use and service, it requires a minimum low annual maintenance.

The TC-Range will easily integrate to even the smallest production lines. Very robust, they perform well in difficult environments (dusty, cold, humid, etc) without any impact on the quality of the codes.
There are 4 versions available, with different print-heads heights, to match to every coding and marking requirement:
The TC-ranges are the perfect printing equipment for all main industries. (Lien vers secteurs d'activité)

TC18 – 0.7 to 18 mm print height
TC54 – 0.7 to 54 mm print height
TC72 – 0.7 to 72 mm print height
And TC144 (0.7 to 144mm which is the highest print band available in the market!)
TC-TWIN range 0.7 to 144mm two-colour heads widely used for GHS/CLP safety labelling
Print method: Inkjet
Resolution: 180 DPI
Max. line speed: 60.0 m/min
Min. print width: 0.7 mm
Max. print width: 144.0 mm
Min. print lenght: 0.7 mm
Max. print length: 2000.0 mm
Interfaces: Wi-Fi, USB host, RS232, Ethernet
Enclosed software: Codex (reikalinga licenzija)
Temperature: 0° - +45°C
Humidity: 0 - 90 % nesikondensuojanti
Dimmensions: 0
Weight: 0.0 kg
Additional information
More details about physical dimensions and other additional information can be found in the attached brochure.
Warranty: 12 month
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