ALE TZ-PR Series ALE TZ-PR Series ALE TZ-PR Series ALE TZ-PR Series

ALE TZ-PR Series

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The PR Series (formerly TZ) offers the possibility to print in any direction!
Side, top, bottom, flat and even with an angle!

The print-heads in this range have been especially designed to fulfill Coding and Marking needs for all kinds of applications. Very robust, they can resist difficult environments (dusty, cold, Humid) without any impact on the quality of the codes.

This range is the ideal solution for industrials facing with specific marking and coding challenges (angles, lack of space) requiring a flexible solution.

There are 3 versions available, with different print-heads heights, to respond to every coding and marking requests:
The TZ-PR Ranges are the perfect printing equipment for all main industries.

TZ18 – 0.7 to 18 mm print height
TZ34 – 0.7 to 34 mm print height
PR72 – 0.7 to 72 mm print height
Print method: Inkjet
Resolution: 180 DPI
Max. line speed: 60.0 m/min
Min. print width: 0.7 mm
Max. print width: 72.0 mm
Min. print lenght: 0.7 mm
Max. print length: 2000.0 mm
Interfaces: Wi-Fi, USB host, RS232, Ethernet
Enclosed software: Codex (reikalinga licenzija)
Temperature: 0° - +45°C
Humidity: 0 - 90 % nesikondensuojanti
Dimmensions: 0
Weight: 0.0 kg
Additional information
More details about physical dimensions and other additional information can be found in the attached brochure.
Warranty: 12 month
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